New Hire Programs

Do you want to decrease turnover among new hires by up to 50%?
Creative Marketing has created a program that has been tried and proven to reduce turnover, developing employees who are engaged and connected. It’s called the Day Zero New Hire Program, and here is how it works:

A New Hire Kit is sent to new employees at home, a few days before they start work, thus Day Zero. The kit includes personalized and corporate branded merchandise such as a tote bag, apparel, drinkware, desk items, and a personalized message from the hiring manager. We know that an employee’s relationship with their new employer actually starts before they begin in their new position. The new employee has yet to even step through the front door and already they are feeling:

  • Excitement and anticipation
  • Admiration from family and friends
  • Great morale even before the first day of work
  • That they’ve made the RIGHT decision

Creative Marketing will personalize and fulfillment every New Hire Kit from our warehouse directly to your new employees’ homes. We make it easy.

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